Love is NOT suffering. Love is love. And unless you are completely fulfilled within you are not in your Wonder Woman energy.

We get sucked into the trap of being busy and calling it “I’m processing” and being miserable and calling that “healing” when in fact it’s just unnecessary drama.

I used to tell myself I was strong because I’d get higher than a kite from an external win. Then I’d lose it the moment I got triggered and I’d crumble like a stack of cards.

That is called faksies Wonder Woman energy.

We are trying to coach yet we are these little girls begging for approval, feeling unworthy, and believing we’re not enough.

Saying the right words doesn’t make us powerful, having the social media attention doesn’t make us powerful.

The only way to feel empowered and know like you know the sky is blue in your soul that you are Wonder Woman… is by learning how to face your childhood darkness, and using that pain to create truth.

Which is “I am worthy,” the pain is just a program I was given.

Only in this energy can you speak your truth with no masks on, full conviction and authenticity.

Fearless and empowered.

This is Wonder Woman energy.