Lani Nalu Podcast 42

My client Isa changed her entire after just 4 weeks in my program.

She grew up in a yoga community and had access to all the teachings and meditations yet no one ever taught her how to bring it down into her body and use it in real life.

She studied tantric healing and taoism yet she she never had an embodied orgasm.

When we spoke on our strategy session she was so in her head she had no focus. Isa’s body was shutting down, she couldn’t sleep, and her passion of making art had become exhausting and overwhelming.

She was completely creatively blocked by her program “I am not enough” which created the major perfectionism/procrastination pattern that kept her suffocating in the hamster wheel.

She has literally learnt how to be the leader that she knew she was put here to be.

She is healing the world and those around her by simply BEING the love frequency.

She had insane acne, major digestion problems, and severe insomnia and after just a few weeks in my program she got the strategies to completely heal herself!

I teach Wonder Women how to step into their God given role of being a leader and finally do the work they were put here to do.

If you’re a coach and you’re suffering from imposter syndrome and you’re ready to let go of your old friend misery than I can help you!