Lani Nalu Podcast ep 41

Our job as coaches and leaders is to FEEL the energy we’re teachin

A big fat lie is… “I give great advice but I don’t follow it.”

That’s called being a fraud dude.

We all learn our coping mechanisms, and it’s impossible not to get some crappy ones from our parents.

We learnt to be a perfectionists, to take care of everyone, and to internalize and hide our pain.

You only got 1 setting and it keeps rinsing and repeats.

You weren’t born this way and you can sure as shit unlearn them.

Wanting to heal the world is a gift. Not everyone has this drive, however if you are hurting and exhausted and sick…

Your frequency is Low AF and you’re not healing the world. You’re contributing to the pain and perpetuating low vibe coping mechanisms.

If you’re ready to stop feeling like a fraud and truly be a leader that lifts the frequency of Mother Earth fill out an application for my program today…