I Am Bad Ass Podcast Ep 40 - Lani Nalu

There is a lie being told that your misery is separate from everyone and your problems are so special.

Society honours your problems. Society gives your ego red carpet, 5 star, luxury treatment.

Society loves when you feel alone and sick baby.

It’s really easy to sit back and judge a bully and hate leaders that are spreading negativity and evil, yet when you sit in your room full of pain and suffering….

You are hurting the Earth just a much as that bully that you so desperately hate.

Your mindset directly effects everyone and everything.

When you are hurting emotionally, spiritually and physically, so is the Earth.

Taking responsibility for your own pain and suffering is the only energy that heals.

Our teachers, coaches, and healers who are leading the next generation have no idea how to have it all. They are stuck in their head and suffering, and so the self harming patterns keep getting passed on.

We must break the pattern, take responsibility, and teach the change by being the change.

If you know you were put here to lead, and you are ready to learn how to heal yourself so you can teach others how to do the same. Then girl you gotta reach out.

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