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Girl no more using excuses or blaming your misery on no one giving you the magic pill.

It blows my mind when women defend their right to suffer with the excuse I must suffer for a long time because I can’t do it fast like you.

I get it.

I used to want it all yet I refused to get uncomfortable, acknowledge I wasn’t perfect, or learn new strategies that I would suck at in the beginning.

It is impossible to go from below baseline, insecure, and miserable to having it all tomorrow without any resistance.

You can’t do 1 half ass meditation while blaming external forces and have it all. There is no Divine lottery and no magic pill is coming.

The strategies you’re using are making you more miserable so quit the excuses and take responsibility for your own damn life.

You can’t get epic results from doing the same depressing shit.

Stop blaming everything else and step into your power now.

Want to know the magic I used to go from rock bottom to Bad Ass. Here it is….

I DECIDED it was my life to change and I just freaking started.