Lani Nalu Podcast 38

I’ve coined the term “The Good Girl Syndrome” because it’s becoming an epidemic and I speak to so many women who have adopted this coping mechanism.

Pretending to be positive when you’re actually suffering is not a strategy. It’s a lie.

The perfectionist woman who has done work on herself but has not broken through (either you have self love or you don’t) gets through the day by telling herself that avoiding her insecurities, fears and traumas, and instead saying everything is fine is a tool.

News flash dude, ignoring, avoiding, lying and blaming are actually dragging you deeper into the darkness which is why you are getting worse and feel more pain.

The reasons I lied and pretended to be fine and positive was because I was disgusted by the victim mentality of doing nothing and blaming other’s. I didn’t want to complain, I didn’t want to bring anyone down, I was afraid to be judged and get rejected for talking about my trauma, and I had no other damn strategies.

Disconnecting from my pain and faking positive was all I had in my tool box.

It’s deadly, it’s scary, and until you are truly ready to open your heart and soul to truth, you will never be able to be breakthrough.

Asking for help and being invested emotionally, spiritually and financially is what a Bad Ass does.

It’s the opposite of what society teaches us, and it’s also the only way to truly have it all.