Lani Nalu Podcast 36

My client Semsem is my Wonder Woman sister who has let go of her old dog shit programs.

She used to push all the time trying prove to everyone she was worthy.

She compared herself constantly to the fake people on instagram and never felt good enough.

Semsem didn’t know how to embody or connect to her feminine. Which of course means that during sex she was totally in her head and trying to control everything!

The side affect is unfulfillment, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Semsem has completely changed and she did it fast. The new Semsem is soft, vulnerable and feminine. She is a designer so learning how to come into her body has opened up her channel of creativity to the Divine.

She’s changing the world and having fun. Now she does it her way… in a leather skirt and red lipstick haha.

This episode will inspire TF out of you if you are struggling to get out of your head, feeling unworthy, and disconnected from your feminine.

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Love you!