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Money, like sex, is an uncomfortable topic for most people. I used to dread talking about money.

When it came time for a client to pay me I’d get so much anxiety, and act like I forgot dragging the conversation on.

Then they’d say “Oh I almost forgot to pay you.”

I would act like I had forgotten too and it was no big deal while secretly freaking out and hiding my fear under a fake giggle.

The thing about money is… it’s not real. Money is only the belief that you have about it.

More money will not solve your money problems. Fact.

Scarcity is rearing its ugly head and you are blaming money.

I guarantee if don’t feel like you have enough money you also struggle with food and your body, and in relationships.

Your program of I’m not worthy of having it all is hurting you. Not money.

I was the cheapest, scarcest woman ever! I would literally sweat and feel guilt when I spent money.

I went from scarce AF to rich AF by reprogramming. Not by winning the lottery.

If you hate money or are afraid of it, this episode is meant for you.