Lani Nalu Podcast 34

This is truth. If you understand this you will never lose your power. I didn’t consciously know I was waiting for someone to save me, but I sure was running on that subconscious program.

I was given the program “I am not enough” at a very young age. I always felt inadequate, I was so freaking jealous of other women because I took it as a big fat slap in the face that I sucked because they were better.

I never had peace and I only felt good when I got attention from someone. I changed the way I acted depending on who was around so I could get their approval.

It was exhausting.

It didn’t work.

It actually effed me up really bad.

I got myself into the worst situation possible.

An abusive marriage over seas with no family, no car, no money, and it was freaking awful.

I was miserable, afraid, broken and my self esteem was almost gone. I was a shell of a woman.

Yet no one ever came to save me. I had to save myself.

It doesn’t matter how much training, courses, or certificates you have. If you are suffering and self harming with food, relationships, booze etc. Your subconscious believes you aren’t worthy of having it all and nothing will ever change. Because the problem is within you.

You change, the World changes. Simple as that.