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My Wonder Woman sister and Bad Ass client Megan got off anti depressants & anti anxiety meds after 22 years on them and she is thriving!

She was put on drugs at 11 years old after being abused.

22 years on meds and therapy left her numb, she was at her heaviest weight, her marriage ended, she was over worked, over whelmed, and exhausted of faking happy and perfect to the world.

She came to me at her bottom and I told her she could get off meds and I could teach her how to heal naturally if she was truly ready.

She tapered off the meds in 29 days and after the first healing session she said…

“I’ve been looking for the root of my pain for 22 years and the strategies to heal. You are the first one to give them to me.”

The Miracles she’s experienced are mind blowing. She’s getting stronger everyday. She’s thriving, she knows she’s unstoppable and the sky is the limit.

Megan is Extraordinary yes. But she is also proof that if you’re truly ready to stop eating dog shit and get the strategies to transform your life…. Anything is possible!

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