Lani Nalu Podcast 31

I was totally not planning on using Andrea’s conversation about being miserable for the last 10 years to waking up freaking happy in less than a week but it touched my soul and I wanted her to touch yours too.

The theory that sharing our suffering and being vulnerable is embarrassing is total BS.

What’s embarrassing is posting fake, filtered photos with Rumi quotes. BARF!!!

My clients and I are sharing our truth and changing the freaking world baby.

We are all in the battle with our mind.

No one gets to skip this step and the only way to truly feel happy is face off with the freaking ego and the programs of suffering you learnt from your parents.

Hiding is not and will not serve you. Pretending to be happy gets you more dog shit and the old model of “being vulnerable is weak” is killing you.

Sharing means you’ve finally broken through because you have nothing to hide and you’re not afraid of being judged.

This is the sweet spot baby.

It’s the only place you can finally live up to your full potential and truly unlock your infinite power!

If you’re ready to stop eating dog shit and wake up happy… get down with my free Workshop now!