I became my own icon.

I created a fucking Queen, the most Bad Ass, compassionate, strong, loving, embodied, abundant, fearless, truthful, love warrior to look up to.

A Lani I had never met before. Unlike any woman I’d ever met actually.

My spiritual gurus didn’t value themselves and had no connection to their pure sexual and orgasmic energy.

My fitness mentors were identified were their looks, attached a nice ass to getting a man and definitely did not have the ability to charge their worthy.

And my female business mentors were disconnected AF from their body. No feminine. Only manky pushing, no connection too soft, pure, or receiving pleasure. The majority were over weight and all were disconnected AF.

None of them had it all. They didn’t believe they deserved it so they suffered.

I knew it was possible. My male mentor had done it.

No way you can ever learn how to receive it all while you’re lying to yourself about dog shit being gold.

I’ve created a free Workshop since this is an epidemic and society has taught us to just fake it and be positive and grateful for what you have.

That’s bull shit!

You don’t have it all, you have nothing!