Lani Nalu Podcast 27

You don’t have everything you want because you’re not the woman who deserves it.

Changing is one of our most incredible super powers.

What’s not love is making excuses for your pain and suffering and staying exactly the same.

Holy crap how is that even an option! Of course you must change in order to feel, be and share something completely different than you feel now!

It’s deadly to make excuses for the things that kill your soul. No it’s not ok to eat because you don’t want to feel, then hate your body, but lie and say you’re fine.

No it’s not spiritual to do all the spiritual things and talk about the moon and use practices like meditating and vipassana as a freaking escape.

All the while being so desperate for a man you act like a freaking 13 year old 

stalking him on insta, checking your phone every 5 seconds to see if he messaged, telling every one you know about him, and not eating for days when you only banged a few times because that’s how low your standards are.

I will never reward that.

There is nothing about these scenarios that are love.

When you stop making excuses for why you don’t have what you want…. The magic gates of heaven open right up to you here and now on Earth.

If your first priority is lying to everyone so they believe you’re ok, all the while keep on pushing and knowing that your breakdown is coming.

Then you’re right on track.

If you’ve had enough of defending your pain… It’s time to shake it up and get uncomfortable AF.