Your guilt is suffocating you!

But… No one starts with the Olympics. You can’t start in the bedroom girl.

I know you know you can’t lose 100 pounds by tomorrow.

So TF you think banging straight away is gonna heal your soul.

You don’t start with a marathon or lifting a 100 pound barbell.

Just like you don’t go straight to the bedroom with a sex toy and fuck.

If you can’t speak your truth without judgment, or guilt, or lying or apologizing. No way you can orgasm in your Divine Feminine from your body. 

When you learn to stop living in fear, and when you know like you know the sky is blue that you are all deserving and worthy AF of love… Your sexual and orgasmic energy goes through the roof.

Download this episode now to stop suffocating on your guilt. You get to live free! Feel confident and know and live in purpose like a bird knows it’s to fly. 

I help healers harness their Super Power.

The time to start living is NOW!