Lani Nalu Podcast 24

I get real today about the EGO. The ego tells us we are powerless, we have no control, and we’re suffering because of someone else.

I know when I have to take a shit, just like I know my truth.

There’s no confusion, there’s just the ego and truth. Of course the ego is going to complain and bitch and fight the light every step of the way.

I don’t care about the fear. We ALL have the ego fear. Every single one of us.

I have trained myself and reprogrammed my subconscious with new programs of my choice. This is responsible for all of my success from my body to my self love to my bank account.

I learnt to push my ego back with 10x more force. I say back off bitch I am in charge.

And I win every single time. It’s not that my ego has magically disappeared, it’s that I’ve reprogrammed myself to push back with more force and I choose to let God in and feed my body truth!

For this I am rewarded with miracles all day! I love myself so much that I say no, I am comfortable AF with boundaries, and I can never fail.

I learn and fall more in love everyday.