It blows my freaking mind that today we are still shamed when it comes to speaking about sex.

We all have a vagina. We all have sex. Yet NO one freaking teaches us how. What the actual fuck.

My sex talk was “Only whores have sex.”

I learnt about sex from society, movies, porn and my first sexual experience was traumatizing.

We must learn how to receive love. Just like we learn how to walk, write, and every other skill we aquire.

Everyone has it backwards and it’s extremely toxic. Porn is common, accepted, and everywhere. But the moment conscious love making and self pleasuring comes up it’s shameful.

Not while I’m around.

I’m screaming it from the rooftops so we can break this pattern of feeling ashamed for being a woman and teach our daughters how to love and cherish their powerful Yoni.

I speak about orgasmic energy and opening your soul while holding his gaze, as he’s inside you.

This is conscious love making and it’s the most powerful, healing energy in the Universe.