Why am I not good enough for you to love me?

This belief turned me into an insecure, hardened, desperate, pathetic, shell of a woman living her masculine.

I repeated it everywhere, all the time. 

I knew I was born to help people like a bird knows it’s born to fly. I would give up the most precious part of me to try and get a tiny whiff of self worth. 

I begged for love. I was a perfectionist who took everything personal. I was so blocked everywhere. 

Once I made the decision to soften, to feel, to face what my brain was telling me would kill me… my entire life changed. 

There is a fire in me so strong and my soul feels like infinite, pure, sexual, honey love.

I turn myself on. I love me.

Little Lani was so hurt and believed that she wasn’t loved because she wasn’t good enough. When I leaned in to that, I transformed it.

I declared that pain was not my truth.

I get to awaken this Divine Goddess in you by just BEING. I heal women by knowing I’m good enough! 

How fucking beautiful is that.