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“I didn’t even know I was in masculine energy, I just thought I was hustling! ”

Samantha Mimi N’guyen is writer and her clients range from Tesla, Apple, & Google to high end fashion magazines like El.

Sam was doing solid $30k months… Living the dream right.



Sam was in a shitty relationship which killed her confidence and negatively affected her energy, her business, and her entire life.

Within 7 days she freaking 7x’d her Feminine Energy.

Sam didn’t even know she was in masculine energy. She thought it was normal to feel stressed, extreme self doubt, worried all the time, and like she had to fight to defend herself 24/7 in her male dominated industry.

Sam has obviously ended that relationship. She has 10x’d her life and her soul, creativity, & confidence has 100x’d!

Sam is a writer. Sam’s hit $65,000 in 1 FREAKING MONTH!

So y’all can’t use the excuse anymore that creative women can’t make bank.

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