Lani Nalu Dubai


If you already feel tired from the thought of getting through the holiday season because you’re overwhelmed this is for you.

When you put everyone else before yourself and when you feel guilty saying no…

You end being grumpy Scrooge instead of Bad Ass Elf.

The best way to sabotage your holidays is by taking on way too much and never filling up your own tank.

Do you want to break your immune system with stress and get Covid for Christmas?

I didn’t think so.

Sister, you teach people how to treat you.

I know you’re thinking that’s easy for you Lani. You love your job and your dude and you love your life.

Guess why!

Niot because my family is so positive, or because I’m lucky my clients are Bad Asses.

It’s because I was so done working with Debbie Downers and so over being around family who were big fat victims of their OWN decisions that I decided to change.

Does a Queen hang around people who talk shit and complain?

Does a leader enable others and say yes to things that she wants to say Hell No to?

Does a Bad Ass who’s living her dream life allow others to speak dirty rotten words of negativity over her?


You gotta stop waiting for the world to change and start by looking at the crap you’re letting in.

When you plug up your own energy leaks the World becomes your oyster.

Anything is possible and you are damn right you have the power to live your best life right now.

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I believe in you.

Love Lani xx

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