Lani Nalu Dubai


Are you are loyal AF to the beliefs that are ruining your life.

If you wake up and feel overwhelmed and stressed and you beat yourself for not being perfect I’m about to blow your mind.

You are so dedicated to all the reasons why your life isn’t working and why you’re not happy.

Answer me this… what are you showing up for everyday? Giving your energy to every day? What are you committed to every day?

The answer is… How you feel and what you have is exactly what you are committed to.

If you’re anxious, you’re committed to it.

If you’re miserable at work, you’re committed to it.

If you’re exhausted, you’re committed to it.

What you have has nothing to do what you are worth.

You were born worthy of everything you want sis.

Want to change your life… Start committing to the shit you want.

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You can solve your problems fast if you have the desire to. And don’t let that survival brain tell you it’s hard.

Let’s get real it’s it’s so much harder to be exhausted, insecure, and overwhelmed that it is to be excited, confident, and happy.

I believe in you.

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