I was pushing away abundance, beauty and money, through judgement.

It believed it wasn’t my fault I lost everything and ended up in an abusive marriage. I told myself it was bad luck and I has no control over my misery.

Every woman I work with always comes into my coaching with the same belief that other people who have everything they want such as beauty, the business, the body, and the soul mate…

We’re born this way or handed everything down without a struggle.

I literally believed that I was at a disadvantage because I didn’t have 100,000 insta followers, because I grew up poor, and because life was especially hard for ONLY me

Dude this is so false!

I like to call it being racist against ourselves!We sit in our head and say “You’ll never be able to have it all. You’ll never be good enough. You’ll never be worthy of life lived with ease and money & unconditional love.”
Yet we have a million opportunities every day and infinite resources to make great shit happen.

I share with you my 3 favorite tools to start reprogramming your mindset, change your beliefs, and get you off the judgement rollercoaster and step you into the incredible woman you desire to be.