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Sister you have no freaking idea how good you are meant to feel.

My anxiety and self doubt was so painful it felt like a blanket of darkness that was suffocating me.

You know when you can’t see the light.

You feel such gnarly energy and so out of control there’s no way you could possibly overcome it and make yourself feel better…

You’re doing everything and it’s never enough.

It’s exhausting right.

I know for me I felt like I was all alone and I was 36 years old so I figured if I couldn’t do it by now, I couldn’t do it ever.

You feel me?

Right now your normal is fear & worry.

We all feel this because we’re human but our normal state is not meant to be survival mode.

So 80% – 99% of your day is spent in your head, in the past, firing worst case scenario thoughts and releasing fight or flight chemicals into your body.

You can not be in your head worrying, and in the present moment creating mystical experiences at the same time.

My intention for this episode is to expose you the hidden principle that every Bad Ass Woman uses.

What if you could learn to use your will to release your doubt, fear & worry and free up your blocked energy to like a damn freight train.

Literally moving energy from survival to creation so you can heal, and create abundance & mystical experiences IMMEDIATELY.

Does that sound good?

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