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Our biggest kryptonite as women is caring way too much about what other people think.

I swear this is the master skill that has put me into the top 1% as a female entrepreneur in the life coaching niche.

We as women are wired with more EGO.

Here’s why… we are more emotional. We care more about what others think of us and we try to be perfect.

So when we put up this perfect front and then we make a mistake it’s like dooms freaking day. We get heat for it and we take it personally.

My first tip is the more real you are the less ego is involved and no one expects you to be perfect or never make mistakes because you never said that’s who you are.

This second part is science which explains consciousness so it’s not woo woo, it’s quantum physics.

Our thoughts carry an energy so every thought has a frequency and our body holds the negative thoughts as emotion in the body.

Que body pain.

The way our brain works is it creates an image and then we attach an emotion to it.

So that one shitty message you got weeks ago has been repeating in your mind up to as much as 60,000 per day.

Our body reacts to the emotion we connect to the image so it feels like you have been rejected millions of times more than you actually have.

No wonder you feel like a loser who’s not good enough right??

That understanding of the science of my brain set me FREE!

Obviously you can’t just do this once or twice. Just like any skill the more you practice the easier it gets.

When that image comes up of you being rejected and you attach a negative emotion to it and you realize that you are agitated because you feel it as if it’s happening right now…

You have the power to stop those shiity feelings becasue it’s just an image and you’ve attached the emotion.

It’s not real.

You must have enough passion and inspiration to move this energy. You must want to feel different.

If you have this intensitty you can literally change over night.

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