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If you tell yourself the truth you will crash and burn.

What I mean is as a perfectionist with the program in your subconscious that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH…

If you don’t have enough passion and desire to override these negative feelings then you;re gonna get burned baby.

This is why you tell yourself lies.

What do we say as the overachieving good girls?

Shit like… “It’s not that bad.

I’m the strong one so burning out is ok.

I’m not hurting anyone but myself.

I’ve tried everything.

I don’t believe it’s possible.”

The way you are suffering right now feels like you can’t control it, it feels like it’s happening to you, and it sucks.

I felt that way too.

But when you’re ready nothing can stop you because it’s much easier and simpler to wake up happy with energy to do all the things you love…

If you change nothing, paint a picture of what your life will look like in 3 years?

If that’s not ok with you and you’re not willing to wait that long to find the solution then get your DIAMOND ticket to my next event right now.

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