Lani Nalu Dubai


What are your bad habits?

This is a trick question for your ego because in the ego’s World all the negative in your life is the cause of things you can’t control. Traits you were just born with.

I literally thought being a perfectionist was as concrete as my shoe size.

I thought feeling insecure was not personally my problem because my ego told me I was just reacting to how others treated me.

How crazy is it to think of every negative emotion you feel as a bad habit?

It’s not because you’re not good enough, it’s not because you’re an idiot and unworthy of happiness.

Your unhappiness and lack of inner peace are side effects of your bad habits.

If I told you I can’t stop biting my nails because of my childhood as a 40 year old woman you’d say..

Bull shit! That’s just an excuse.

I’m saying apply the SAME technique to your emotional bad habits and you will 100% break them.

This is the most empowering decision you can make for yourself!

Let’s be clear, you can break any habit regardless of how much trauma you’ve been through, or how old you are, or where you grew up…

As long as you DECIDE to.

It literally only takes the consistency on your end to follow through.

If you’re finally ready to break your bad habits and wake up happy and filled with inner peace, your next step is to come to my masterclass to learn how.