My guest today is Vanessa Burmaster. She is a freaking bad ass!

She shares her story from almost getting beat to death by her ex husband, her drug use, eating disorders, childhood abuse, cancer, her rock bottom… and how she pulled herself out of the vicious cycle the women in her family kept repeating.

She opens up about trauma she’s never before shared. I guarantee her story will absolutely blow your mind.

We are here to tell you that you CAN get out of an abusive relationship and break the cycle once and for all…. and you can thrive after because only a Bad Ass gets them self out of an abusive relationship.

Your healing does not come from your abusive ex or your current abusive partner.

Your healing can only come when you decide that you will no longer tolerate pain, hate, fear and abuse, because none of that is the love you deserve.

If we can do it you can too!

Consider this a sign from the Universe that you are loved, you are guided and you deserve healthy, beautiful, cosmic love.

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Instagram: @suckerfreehq