Lani Nalu Dubai

If you have all the fucked up symptoms of living in the past like: anxiety, body pain, headaches, self doubt, chronic negative thoughts…Then you don’t fucking know how to let the past go.

I know when you’re in the darkness it seems so real and your body physically reacts and you feel pain.

That’s the trip.

This is why women can make crazy decisions.

You actually believe your negative thoughts. And then the worst part is you ACT on your crazy thoughts which leaves you feeling like life is against you.

But it’s not real.

One of the most negative side effects of living in the past is on your relationship.

Dude you’re bringing in so much unnecessary negative energy and blaming your partner for it.

What a dick.

You can let the past go without being perfect btw. How rad is that.

We waste so much damn time and energy feeding our body a negative script.

Your body will always react to what you are choosing to focus on.

And I know your ass can be all perky and positive if Brad Pitt looking like he did in Fight Club came walking in the room.

If you can do it once you can do it anytime you decide to dig deep because the payoff of letting negativity go is worth it to you.

Otherwise you have “selective” control over your mental health and that’s some bull shit.

If you’re ready to finally let the past go, book a call with my team and let’s freaking do this sister YEW.