Lani Nalu Dubai

Are you in a victim consciousness?

Yes or No?

I thought the victim mentality was people who refused to get a job, refused to work hard, and people who just took energy from others.

I almost killed myself to make others happy and I always said yes to everything.

When you believe life is happening to you and you feel out of control…

When you have the same problems you had yesterday, last week, 3 months ago, last year…

When you chronically think about what went wrong from the past…

You are in a victim consciousness.

You can be smart, hard working, make 6 figures…

AND be in victim consciousness.


We’re always manifesting as a default.

We’re either expanding or shrinking our immune system.

Chronic thinking is manifesting as either a tonic or toxic chemical in the body.

The most incredible, mind blowing freedom I’ve ever experienced is…

The problems you have at your current vibe do NOT exist at a higher level of awareness.

An insecure woman thinks it’s her husband’s fault, and her team’s fault for taking advantage of her.

She’s obsessed with the symptoms.

A confident woman doesn’t have these problems.

The answer: A woman who feels insecure must expand her awareness, raise her consciousness, become more confident and those problems are no longer there.

Because a confident woman does not look to others for self worth.

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