Lani Nalu Dubai

As a high performance coach I work with successful, high achieving women.

I’m talking about financially free, hard working, motivated, Bad Ass women who wake up super stressed and overwhelmed.

We have not been taught how to use our masculine as a tool.

Women have No clue how to be strong and vulnerable at the same time… Which creates so much stress and pressure.

I’m financially free and I’m burnt out is NOT goals.

Women are getting more and more masculine.

Which means they’re attracting feminine as fuck men. My high achievers come to me because they are manly at work and manly at home.

Since we are women we can NOT sustain masculine pushing. Our energy is drained super fast so we start giving things up in order to fulfill our work duties.

The first things we let go of are pleasure and fun.

No sex drive because you don’t have enough energy.

No motivation to play and have fun because you “Don’t have time for that.”

What the actual fuck!!!

When you’re ready to have fun and enjoy your life while getting more successful in your career book in a call with my team.