Lani Nalu Dubai

The good old… “I’ll be happier when” syndrome.

It’s the death of your happiness sis.

Looking for salvation in the future when you don’t get rejected is total bull shit because the truth is THE MORE SUCCESSFUL YOU ARE THE MORE PROBLEMS YOU HAVE.

As a high performer we will always be driving forward toward more success.

One of the greatest evils of the ego, is its power of persuading you that even though you’re not happy now, you will be happier when you’re more successful.

Let’s get real.

More success equals more pressure, more demands, more things to do, more people to oversee, and more fucking problems to solve homie.

How insane is the ego’s argument?

Even more insane is Whole Heartedly using your ego’s excuse to not get your shit together now… because you’ll be happier when you have more problems?

It’s so dumb!

And we all do it.

Why do you think Chris and I have coaches bro. Because it’s the ego’s default setting to look to the future for emotional salvation.

Everytime we uplevel the story of I’ll do the same thing I’m doing right now and get way more success, energy, and happiness comes up.

The truth is you gotta change some shit to get something new.

It’s so simple and you are very smart.

No more excuses. Let’s freaking GOOOO.

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