Who got f*cked up during Christmas ?!

Let’s get real family is the gnarliest trigger ever! And with all the events we get way less alone time, so there’s that.

If aliens saw Christmas movies on TV they’d think it was perfect. How far from the truth though right. 

So basically our stress levels get taken up 10 notches which makes shit that wouldn’t be so bad normally have a gigantic negative affect on our mindset.

And that’s ok.

We all have crazy family trauma. Not a single human was born without it. 

I’m inspiring you to take a PAUSE ⏯️ take 3 deep breaths, and just acknowledge your feelings.

Accept the shit the same way you accept the good.

I promise you will ALWAYS pull through. Always.

We’ve got to quiet down the noise before we try and organize it. You can’t clean a room whilst bombs are going off.

First you must accept the bombs are going off, then you can start to diffuse them, and the LAST step is cleaning up the mess. 

Get it.

This moment is the perfect time to come back to your journey after Christmas, the perfect time to come back to yourself, and to live with intention. 

The Women in my coaching have been using these techniques and shifting from extreme triggers and unhappy to calm, peaceful and Christmas freaking miracles!

It’s super simple and I know you can do this too.

You deserve to feel really great even when the tornado is in full affect around you.

You’re not alone! I’ve got your back.