Lani Nalu Dubai

Diana reached out for help because she was hiding and her confidence was low.

Diana had major reservations before because she’d tried so much before.

She wondered what made Purpose different and asked herself, “Is this worth it?

Is my happiness worth it… DAMN!

We met in real life at a workshop I did in Perth before Covid and the energy of total confidence and Bad Assery blew her mind haha.

Diana is a mum of 3, she’s with the love of her life, and she was done settling for unfulfillment.

Through the Purpose Program we taught Diana how to get out of her head and into her body so she could finally Unleash her full power!

In Diana’s words “I am literally living my dream. I get to do what I love.”

Diana has a deep love for herself and her body and looks in the mirror and feels so damn proud.

Diana found like minded women in Purpose and finally got the support and accountability to take her confidence to the next level so she could make the positive, mind blowing impact on this World that she was put here to make.