Lani Nalu Dubai

When you gain awareness and learn to have control over your thoughts… you realize how damn negative you used to be.

But the trippiest part is when you’re stuck in your head and run by ego you feel super powerless to your external circumstances and relationships and that is the most negative energy a person can send out.

You can’t trust your “instincts” when you’re rooted in negativity because you have no awareness.

It’s so mind blowing that the most offensive thing to the ego is positivity. Ever been in a situation where your friend or partner was giving you advice to feel better and you got pissed haha.

The problem is not that you don’t have energy. You’re successful. You’re smart. You have energy. What you’re not doing is streamlining your energy which can only happen when rooted in the body.

And you’re also not leading from your heart. Ego is negative, heart is truth.

I inspire you to have an honest look at your interactions, messages, and conversations because when you are unfulfilled you are also sending out negative ass energy.

If you’re ready to take the leap of faith and let go of the old shitty stories to live out your full potential book in a call with my team.

I believe in you sis.