Lani Nalu Dubai

Lauren got a promotion and as she climbed the corporate ladder she realized she kept getting more and more in her head.

She punished her body and her personal relationships were suffering.

Lauren was done controlling, done worrying, done with guilt… and she was ready to learn how to change so she could love and trust herself.

Lauren came into Purpose because she was done stressing.

She was done filling her plate and getting nowhere.

Lauren was done feeling like “I have to do this” and she was ready to wake up feeling happy again.

Today Lauren’s energy and body are thriving! She feels so confident and excited and she’s not fear driven anymore YEW!

Lauren does shit from love now.

Of course this has positively affected everything! Her marriage is thriving and they keep upleving together.

Through Covid they’ve flipped a house, they’re paying 2 mortgages, creating their dream home and creating a family together… and at the end of the day they have each other’s backs.

They love each other so much.

We taught her how to trade perfectionism for the joy of the present moment and she feels sexier, stronger, more in love, and this Queen is powerfully leading her team.

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