Lani Nalu Dubai

Today I’m talking to my beautiful client Nikki so get ready for all the freaking goosebumps sister!

Holy shit balls Nikki’s energy is gonna light a rocket of inspiration and hope up your bum and call you up to your full potential so you can make a move toward the woman you were born to be!

Nikki worked at one of the biggest banks in the UK. Made great money, has a beautiful home, and a gorgeous family… yet she was deeply unfulfilled.

Nikki would miss her daughter all day while at work and then when she finally got home she was so stressed out and in her head she’d get grumpy with her.

Women we tell ourselves that we can do it alone and everything is OK when in all honesty we know we’re being negative and we know that feeling stressed and overwhelmed all the time is not OK.

Priding yourself on being strong when you can’t even tell yourself the truth iis hypocritical sis.

There is a big emotional problem when you chronically feel annoyed, sad, overwhelmed and tired.

It takes energy to make a change.

It takes energy to take ownership of your shit yes.

But the payoff is a million times more energy, more joy, and more freedom so at this point how can you afford to not choose the path of happiness?

Whatever you’re telling yourself about who’s fault it is or how hard your life is STOP because it is not serving you.

If you’re ready for the truth and the framework that will produce the highest version of YOU…

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