Lani Nalu Dubai

Sister I’m going to blow you’re freaking mind today!

We’re taught to obsess over the side affects of your lack of decision making.

Also, your ego will fight like hell to stay in your comfort zone.

The gatherer syndrome and the number 1 characteristic of a woman is NOT living up to her full potential is…

She is not willing to make decisions to get her to where she says she wants to be.

Talking your problems and dreams to death is embarrassing.

The only person that’s responsible for choosing greatness for you is YOU.

When I was in your exact situation and I was finally done settling I made my own decision to be HREAT in my soul.

I knew I was changing. I knew I was all in. Final answer.

It has nothing to do with a price, time, or anything else.

The way you’re thinking is your problem. Take ownership of making the decision in your soul.

If you’re not ready you’re not ready but damn girl quit wasting other people’s time.

If you are ready and you’ve made the decision to finally make changes then book in a call with my team ASAP.