Lani Nalu Dubai

First things first I feel like Stella got her groove back YEWWW!!!

I finally got a quiet night’s sleep because we moved back to the Airbnb while our house is undergoing a transformation and I feel so rejuvenated and energized.

My intention for today’s podcast is to help you take your power back by asking yourself one simple question…

“How can I be a better human?”

The ego will never ask this question so you know it’s a good one.

When you go down that rabbit hole of But how? But why? It’s so hard? Poor me?

Your power drains instantly and now you’re fucked because when we feel exhausted we take shit personally, we get sick, and everything is negatively affected.

Asking yourself how you can be better zaps your ego’s power and shifts into the right thinking which you need to reach your goals.

Any woman can say “I want happiness. I want to unleash my power. I want to fire on all cylinders. I want some next level shit…”

However if your priorities are so out of alignment of what you say you want…

You will never reach your goals.

Do you think that when it comes to finding the support and framework I need to reach my goals of retiring my dad, saving 1 child’s life a month from sex slavery, supporting my beautiful brother, and helping women unleash their full potential…

I shop around by price and look for the cheapest option?

Or do you think I shop around for what I need?

Obviously the second one because a Queen thinks like a Queen, talks like a Queen, and acts like a Queen.

I don’t make excuses about time or money because I am so rooted in my vision, and living in Purpose is the most important thing to me so I do what needs to be done.

Even when it’s inconvenient.

If you are vibing and you’re over the snail pace and ready for some next level shit then book in for a call with my team asap.

I’m calling all Bad Asses who are ready to truly make an impact.

I believe in you.