Lani Nalu Dubai

Girl I have some juicy nuggets for you! I know you’re my kind of woman which means a perfectionist… and this really messes with your well being.

I’m gonna get specific about relationships but these nuggets will help you in every area of your life sis.

The perfectionist always self sabotages because she believes she has to be perfect to feel proud, to celebrate her wins, & to speak her truth…

And then she judges others on that same nasty vibe and all that can come out of that is more judgment, resentment, lack of energy, and lack of excitement.

I actually live by the belief that uncomfortable conversations equal love.

I am so in love with my man. He turns me on, blows my mind, inspires me, and his scent just freaking rocks my World.

It was not always like this. And to your surprise… it’s not because we’re perfect.

Especially when we’re growing we have super uncomfortable conversations without judgement because we believe in each other. We know what we’re capable of. This is how love is experienced in our house.

We don’t have to be perfect. We get to show up and enjoy the ride.

If you are my kind of woman and ready to stop sabotaging your happiness and projecting that crap onto your loved ones then you gotta join my FREE community today.

Have an amazing week.

I believe in you!