Lani Nalu Dubai

Sister get ready for the most simple mindset shift that has completely changed my life.

When all our success is based on pushing, proving, controlling and trying to be perfect…

Our brain tells us if we shift into ease, play, and have fun we will lose everything.

I’m here to blow your mind and tell you that learning HOW to work, write, speak, eat and make love in my Feminine… is the reason I’m so successful.

  • Business is slaying.
  • My body is getting sexier.
  • My clients are getting more amazing.
  • Confidence is lit don’t take on other’s BS.
  • My brain is a freaking genius.
  • Thriving with my King.

I was so scared to let go of control and change because I didn’t want to be a weak woman. I hated victims (embarrassed emoji)

WTF how is a woman who is so controlling and masculine that she energetically has her sword drawn and is ready to cut throats at any minute inviting to anyone???

No wonder people living in their power ran the other way.

Why would a confident, compassionate Bad Ass want to hang out with a snarling green monster.

Sis, you’re a woman. Pushing in your masculine is the best way to burnout and sabotage everything you love.

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