Lani Nalu Dubai

This is the 3rd and final part of my healing the collective Feminine series.

I’m so excited to talk about Wealth Consciousness today YEW!!!

First things first, you are not successful if you have a great job and make great money AND you are burnout and overwhelmed.

Making money and feeling shit means you have a huge, deadly problem.

The reason this is the most common problem for women is because society’s definition of a “successful woman” is…

A woman who pushes in the masculine. BARF!

We have not been offered the opportunity to receive pleasure, put ourselves first, feel ecstacy from being present in our body AND make money and be super successful in business.

If you’re not having fun, burnout is right around the corner sis.

Do you wait until burnout to do something about it or will you be proactive?

You absolutely can be in your Feminine, flow with ease, not take shit personal, have fun, and make shit tons of money.

Step 1 is get in my Free community asap.