Lani Nalu Dubai

This is the second part of my 3 part series in healing the collective Feminine.

I am sharing the medicine we need as a whole and individually… to release the sickness women have been carrying and passing on for generations.

This sickness is a belief system full of shame, unworthiness, guilt, and fear.

The number of women who have suffered through miscarriages, abortions, losing children and rape are insanely high. Yet no one talks about it and we just cover it up with more guilt and more shame.

This shame is associated with our Feminine and sits right in our female sexual and reproductive organs.

It is impossible to get unconditional love out of shame and guilt. Everyone knows that. Yet we continue to repeat the pattern.

My intention for this episode is to offer you a new opportunity.

Sis you deserve to heal. You deserve to receive pleasure. You deserve to be in your body while believing you are worthy AF.

This epidemic is killing us and we must start by healing our Divine Feminie.

When we are sick and weak it’s much harder to resist absorbing nasty poisonous energy from others.

When we are healthy and strong we can easily choose to not take shit personally, and say no without excuses, and only be available to absorb Divine Feminine loving energy.

Please share this with women who need this peace and are ready to heal their Divine Feminine Sexual and Reproductive organs.

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