Lani Nalu Dubai

I am calling you out, because I am calling you up to your full potential.

What is your tribe telling you about your standards?

Do the 5 people you hang out with the most have everything you want?

What was the vibe of the last 5 messages you sent?

I don’t tell myself it’s ok to be lazy, quit or give up and use the excuse… It’s ok because I have so much time to get my shit together.

I show up with a burning desire and unwavering faith every damn day because I already wasted 36 years turning my negative thoughts into their physical equivalent.

If your dude, your friends, your job are negative and you’re still there… it means you’re getting something out of it.

You’re not ready to let go of the story that “This external negative thing is making me so unhappy.”

When you are truly ready to let go of that thought… staying in a negative environment is like drinking bleach.

It’s a HELL NO!

Do you want to be the woman who says do what I say not what I do?

Do you feel inspired by people who always complain and make excuses and then talk shit about other people making bad decisions?

Of course not!

Becoming the woman who has it all is so much easier than you think. Once you do it you’ll see 🙂

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