Lani Nalu Dubai

Sister I have some really important questions that will help you immensely on your Bad Ass journey.

I do agree that everything seems confusing when we’re in our head, and. I know how it feels to want to do shit on your own…

It’s ok.

But girl lets just get honest with ourself shall we, because it’s ok to stay where you are and not be ready to let your past go…

But the insanity is when you complain about being overwhelmed and say you’re trying when the truth is YOU ARE NOT.

There is something beautiful about Divine Timing.

It’s either now, later, or never.

And the beautiful thing about consciousness is as we live more and more in our body we don’t sabotage and only get our shit together when our back is against the wall.

I uplevel because I have so much energy, so much love for my family, and because I’m so happy.

I don’t have to wait until my back is against a wall to show up, and I sure as shit don’t sabotage when everything is going EPIC.

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