Lani Nalu Dubai

Today I’m doing something different. We are starting off with a simple exercise to calm your mind and get into your body. In case you were wondering you can only make bad decisions when you are in your head and freaking out and worrying about a million things. I have always known that I was put here for greatness. I’ve always known that my life’s Purpose was to help others.

I knew I would be speaking to thousands of people, changing lives, on stage, travelling the World, and making an impact. Yet I was 36, hiding, playing small, and settling for NOT being a leader. I was wasting my most precious resource…. time. I was wasting my freaking life. You either know you were put here to fulfill your destiny and live your Purpose and you show up for the greater good. Or you sit back and fully accept that you are choosing to be OK with freaking settling. I know that every woman has insane powers and a destiny to fulfill. And I am only interested in hanging out with the ones that are freaking do it!

If you are a Bad Ass and you’re serious about learning how to embrace your super power of being a leader and making an impact then join my mind blowing community of Wonder Women today. It’s free. It’s epic. And it’s bursting with women who are changing the World.