Lani Nalu Roses

Our brain will tell us anything in order to prevent us from letting go of the past. 

Even things that seem like random acts of bad luck, mixing up appointments, getting stuck at work… all dirty little speed bumps from the ego to keep us miserable.

The good news is we all have this resistance to letting go. And the freaking great news is that it’s ok. 

You get to choose to get help and handle things that would normally be a life ending stress… like a Bad Ass.

I has a crucible moment. I was at rock bottom and broken. I was a completely unrecognizable and a shell of a woman.

And then I felt. I felt what my ego told me would kill me. And I didn’t die. I faced my shame and my guilt and I realized that I actually am a freaking warrior goddess. It’s not embarrassing that I suffered. It’s actually my greatest strength because I broke through.

Lean in and get uncomfortable. It’s so worth it.

Love you,