Lani Nalu Dubai

Girl I am in Dubai and feeling so much joy, inspiration, and love!

I swear on everything having it all is freaking simple.

Are you worthy enough to not waste your time?

It doesn’t have to be hard and exhausting and miserable.

When I was miserable I wasted so much time making things so much freaking harder for myself.

I couldn’t focus on what I was doing for more than a few minutes because I was too busy being a dick in my head and obsessing about what I couldn’t do haha.

Dude I made so many shitty choices when I was in my freaking head.

You can keep using the same poor me excuses or you can take a cue from the Bad Ass women who do have it all… and decide that you actually are worthy of getting support and healing.

You have the potential, you have the opportunity. Let’s freaking do this! Yew!

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