Kirsty Lani Nalu Podcast

Because I always deliver… here is some serious inspo to start 2021 with ALL THE FEMININE ENERGY!!!

Kirsty was on welfare and making $500 a month. Mumma of 2 she just left another failed relationship and felt hopeless and alone.

Kirsty had done soooo much “spiritual” work it’s crazy.

Shamans, South America, meditations, reiki, energy work, drum circles. She wasn’t miserable from lack of taking action.

Kirsty was on meds for an autoimmune disease and she was disconnected from Spirit which is crazy because when you feel her RADICAL energy you’ll have a hard time believing she was so negative and unwell.

Kirsty got the foundation she’s been searching for her whole life in our Purpose Program and upleveled to our Navy Seal Program 5 months ago.

Kirsty is kicking so much ass you have to listen to this episode to hear it for yourself.

She’s just had her biggest month in December pulling in $7,659 US dolla dolla bills y’all.

Women it is time to rise TF up and own what is rightfully yours! We are not small, weak, broke, hopeless beings.

We are Queens put here to heal the World.

Money is just energy and you are made of energy so learn how to change your limiting beliefs into abundant beliefs and you’ll be flying high with the rest of us Bad Asses!

The first step is to join my FREE community where I do mind blowing Master Classes once a week, along with the Lani Nalu Coaches sharing their favourite tools.

I believe in you sis! YEWWW.