Lani Nalu Podcast

Sister this is our last episode of 2020 holy freaking moly!

I am so honoured and blessed to share this energy with you.

I promised we’d go out of 2020 with a bang so get ready to feel love rocket fuel up the bum haha.

The normal process is to pick a goal to declare for your New Year’s resolution… and then never do anything about it

The typical woman is wired to gather, and split her focus in a million different directions.

Accept when she is sabotaging!

That bitch has laser focus when she is obsessed with a horrible plan to self sabotage. That one track mind hits hard.

This is exactly how I found myself so deep in the miserable rabbit hole of getting myself into the worst situation of my life.

We are witches and we have unlimited power!

Everything is energy. I am going to blow your mind in this episode.

The time is now! 2020 is over and the need for you to get into your body and learn self belief is greater than ever.

I believe in you sister.

Happy freaking New Year’s YEWWW!