Sister I know times are hard. I understand if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

Life is challenging right now. I’ve been the Scrooge who hated Christmas and felt so out of control and anxious about the holidays.

Christmas used to mean “emotional breakdown” to me.

I recorded this episode to help you have the best Christmas and holiday season ever!!!

I’m sharing how I went from anxious, lonely and miserable to LOVE crying because I feel so happy!

The ego wants me to say that you can’t be happy because you’re single or broke or because your family is crazy.

That’s all bullshit. It’s so simple! It’s so mind blowing! And if you really want to you can have the best holiday season of your life

I can teach a 5 year old how to override their ego so I am 100% confident I can teach you too.

There’s enough negativity and complaining happening now. Choose different. Choose the light. It’s sooooo bad ass!

I believe in you.
Love Lani xx