Lani Nalu Podcast

It’s December 2020 and I am going out with a BANG!

I would absolutely love to have you by my side.

Today I’m guiding you on a journey to go super deep, and finally start living the life of your dreams.

We tend to think if it’s not perfect it’s not right. If it stretches us it’s bad.

Yet we stay in toxic, unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships and jobs and we enable ourselves by acting like we’re not part of the Great creation of Mama Universe.

Even if I dropped the most amazing man in your lap right now, you’d still be unhappy. Because you don’t know how to receive unconditional love.

You’d sabotage it sister.

Same with money. Same with your body.

You can’t receive more than you believe you are worth.

2020 has been the best year of my life, even though it’s been the most challenging.

I feel like a lionessa made out of the Universe roaring with wild fire made of Pure Divine Love.

Not because I’m perfect. Because I TRUST in the Greater Good.

What are you waiting for sis?

If you feel your soul opening and you’re done waiting… then come to my free workshop today!

Let’s get this ball rolling so you can leave 2020 with a bang along side me.

I believe in you!


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